Love Me Jewelry

Love Me Jewelry 

a . lo . ha  …   [əˈlōˌhä]

Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone that comes with aloha love..

One of my favorite aspects about Island life is the Bohemian Chic fashion, because the culture that feeds the inspiration for accessories and clothing is fueled by the people, the beach and the laid back sensation of vacation.

The jewelry lineLove Me Jewelry is made on the island of Maui, by Natasha Boone. Love Me was created for men and women alike, to inspire folks to give love and as a reminder to love yourself… and always with aloha!

At The Y Life we couldn’t resist the opportunity to sit down with Millennial Jewelry designer Natasha and have a chat about what makes her designs so delicately beautiful.

First and foremost Natasha, ‘Love Me Jewelry’ is based in Maui, Hawaii as are you… How does the energy and landscape of Hawaii influence the workings of your jewelry?

“Being born and raised on this beautiful island Maui, you would think the landscape of the ocean, sunsets, clarity of the stars and moon would get old; but it’s the ever changing timeless beauty that inspires my jewelry.”

Your ‘Love Me Jewelry’ line mission is to “love yourself & give love to others. Aloha.” Can you tell our readers what inspired this mission statement for your line?

“The inspiration behind my line is Aloha, which means love–being open and caring to one another and yourself. It is just as important to give love as it is to love yourself.”

‘Love Me’ strides to provide women and men alike with a fashion that reflects loving your self and giving love to others and you achieve this by using symbols such as: Peace, Hearts and Hamsa signs that remind folks to love themselves, to have faith and believe in making the world a better place. Tell us about what makes you choose these accents for your jewels.

“In this chaotic time in the world, any reminder of peace and love–no matter how small–can make a difference. The Hamsa hand predates the evil eye, hand of Shiva, whose main purpose is to protect against the evil eye, and all negative energy that comes your way. My staple heart is a symbol of the aloha I put into creating each piece, and inspires and reminds the client to love themselves unconditionally. I just hope they love it as much as I do.”

Gold, Sterling Silver, and Semi- Precious Gem Stones are just some of the elements used in your line, right?

“Quality is key in any successful business. I choose these elements to keep it high quality, yet affordable so everyone can have their fix of ‘Love Me Jewelry’.

What made you want to design jewelry and when did you realize designing jewelry was your calling?

“Playing in my grandmother’s jewelry box at a young age had me fixated with her pearls, opals, gold and jade bracelets. My first designs were made for her. Later on living in L.A. for college, I worked at the Bead Boutique on 3rd Street, making and designing as a hobby, and realized I had a knack for design. I honed in on my skill and began selling in local Maui shops.”

Who in your life has inspired your designs and should we be looking forward to some exciting new designs for 2016?

“The great thing about jewelry is that it’s so unique to the buyer. I get inspired by everyday people in life, by my friends and family, which can trigger new designs all the time. I’m working on a lot of new things that are different than anything I’ve done before. Classic and timeless, my designs are made to remind you of the love you have for yourself and the love others have for you, and of course the aloha I put into creating each piece.”

If you too are wondering where abouts you can connect with and snag up some ‘Love Me Jewelry’… you can find Natasha’s designs on her ‘Love Me’ website, Click HERE!

Handmade on Maui with aloha..