Midnight Pondering.. Fate

fate [fāt]

synonyms: destiny

“The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power… be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way”

-Oxford Dictionary 

Whether it was the hype of the Powerball drawing or the Wild Card Football games, with countless NFL Football Players fighting the ultimate fight of their lives, for a chance at playing off in the Super Bowl come February… Fate had its way with us this weekend.

Until recently, the term Fate didn’t really mean much to me… then 6 months ago, I resolved to resign my control to the Universe and allow my Guide’s destiny, to shine its light upon my path.

You see, Fate is the predestined truth humans are not meant to understand, until they lay down the steering wheel of their pride and allow the fulfillment of Fate’s plan, to take its course.

Letting go and letting Fate… is probably one of the most selfless and difficult things you will ever have to do. Although everyone’s experience may hold differing values and merits, they all revolve around the truth of believing in your ‘inner person‘ sooooo much, that because your love stands still, it will stand true to the test of time.

Fate doesn’t discount one’s truth by the color of their skin, who someone may love, their appearance, their physical features, their brains & education… Nope, Fate is present, it will always be a fact of life and all we can do to control it, is to believe in its power and respect its sensitivity!

Believe in You and always Have Fate…

XoX, L.