2016: What You Need To Be Thinking About

You’re four days in to 2016 and you may still have your resolution as a goal. While that is admirable, there are other things to think about in your life as well.

Our lives are so interesting. And don’t say no because it is. Each facet of our life is our own-something no one can take away. It’s ours to do with what we like.

To add, it’s a new year. New goals. New things to look forward to. In that process, you may want to give attention to these things.


Get that cute little planner at Barnes & Noble and write down all your engagements and things you need to do. Parties or events you want to go to this year. Trips you’re thinking about taking. While it’s obviously not set in stone, try to get an idea of what your next month looks like.


Be honest with yourself. What do you want out of this year? Professionally and personally? What do you want? Write down your goals for the year and how you plan to accomplish them. Put this list in your agenda or somewhere you can see daily. Your goals may change through the year but at least, for now, you  have a direction.


Money. Money. Money. Write out your budget whether it’s putting your bills down on your new agenda, calendaring them on your phone or making an excel sheet. Put it down so you can plan on what to allot for bills and what to allot for savings… maybe an allotment for a nice vacation as well.


All work and no play did no one any good. Make sure you have a daily or weekly hobby that is just for you and makes you happy or relaxes you. Be as firm with making sure you do this as you would for doing a task at work. Your personal life is just as important as your professional life.


I am not telling you to find the love of your life, but make sure you remember to have a love life between work and working on your things. A little loving never hurt anyone 🙂