Top Ways To Keep Your Resolution

Okay so you’re a couple of days in for 2016. Hopefully you’re going strong with your resolution. If you’re motor feel like you’re quivering, try these.

Daily Reminder

Nothing works better than a daily reminder of what your goal is. Put a reminder on your phone or something on your fridge that helps keep it at the top of your mind. 


Surround yourself with quotes or pictures that remind you and inspire you to stick to the path of keeping your resolution.  

Calendar It

Keep yourself accountable for going through with your resolution  by calendaring steps you want to take or have taken to complete it. This is the most honest approach since you ask yourself daily what you plan on or have done to keep your resolution. 

Journal It 

Try every couple of days to jot down what’s going on in your life and maybe challenges you are facing when it comes to keeping your goals. Once you’ve done that, try and write out solutions to solving those challenges. In other words, make a plan to resolve your resolution.