Welcome 2016!


Welcome to 2016! 

You have just begun writing the first page, of the next 365 page chapter of your storybook… Now what are you going to do with it?!

First and foremost, there are a few things you should be doing on the First of January…

1. Indulging in Lentils or Black-Eyed Peas for dinner… Y? Tradition has it, that it’s Good Luck and brings forth Prosperity for the coming year!

2. Clearing Closets… Going through your home/ closets and clearing out some of the excess clutter that built up around you during 2015. Avoid bringing that energy from the past into your future!

3. Clean, Clean, Clean!!! This reasoning is simple, starting the year of with a fresh start demands having a fresh, clean environment around you and your loved ones! So get to scrubbing!

4. White Flowers! Set plenty of White flowers like carnations, roses, lilies and gardenias all around your home. Y?! Well, not only will they bring with them good-luck, but they will bring hope and wives tales my granny used to tell me, were that they would absorb the negative energy in the home!

5. Invest in YOU! Treat yourself to something, whether it’s a new facial product, a haircut or manicure. Starting the year, by pampering yourself in one way shape or form and making yourself a priority! It will be a theme you can carry with you throughout the year, if you start NOW!

Happy New Year!

XOX, The Y Life